Quality Policy
The hospital’s Quality Policy is, maximized by supporting our employees in their internal training.
With its experienced, expert and smiling staff, by following the latest technological developments, to provide affordable healthcare services under the most favorable conditions.

  • To adhere to scientific and ethical values ​​in all our practices.
  • To conduct studies focused on patient satisfaction, aim to keep satisfaction at the highest level.
  • To know the rights and responsibilities of patients and their relatives and to take necessary care.
  • Implementing the quality management system and ensuring its continuous improvement,
  • To take all necessary measures to ensure patient and employee safety. To follow the latest developments in this regard.
  • Supporting our employees with trainings and including them in the continuous development process.
  • To show the highest value and care to human sensitivity while providing healthcare.
  • To improve our service quality in a measurable manner by constantly trying to meet the needs of our patients.
  • Providing the most advanced, current and evidence-based diagnosis and treatment opportunities to the patient
  • Working within the framework of medical ethics without compromising the necessity of legal legislation.
  • To fulfill the responsibilities towards our physical and social environment.