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Prevention of medical conditions that lead to disability in all age groups, who approach the acute and chronic problems as a holistic approach, such as muscle and skeletal system problems, sequelae of neurological diseases, chronic pain, disability states developing in chronic diseases, treatment of motion system disorders after orthopedic operations, joint diseases and treatment, Diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation are carried out in our center with the most advanced technological devices and methods, with its structure designed in accordance with quality standards.

Disease groups treated in our Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Clinic:

  • Waist, neck and entire spine tears,
  • Movement limitations before and after orthopedic surgeries,
  • Cerebral palsy rehabilitation,
  • Hemiplegia (stroke, stroke),
  • Parkinson’s rehabilitation,
  • Multiple sclerosis rehabilitation,
  • Rehabilitation after hand injuries,
  • Rehabilitation of joints such as shoulders, knees, elbows.

Additional treatments applied in our hospital:

Medical massage: It is applied to restore the damaged or tired organ to its former functionality and to improve the patient’s quality of life. In addition, it provides relaxation of the muscles that have entered the spasm, the pressure on the nerve and the psychological regeneration.

Manual Therapy: It is a manual physical therapy method without any medication, device or device. Improvement is achieved in a short time in this type of therapy, which is applied to eliminate problems such as muscle spasm, tension and pain occurring in different parts of the body.

İlginizi Çekebilecek Ürünlerimiz

Dry Needling (Dry Needling): No needles, drugs or solutions are injected in the needles applied during dry needle treatment. That’s why its name is dry needle. Dry needle therapy is applied to resolve muscle spasms and to prevent lower back, neck and back pain.

P.R.P: It means blood rich from prp plate / platelet cells. It is mixed with the blood taken from the patient and applied to the problem area. It provides rapid results in pain recovery by increasing blood supply and cell renewal in the applied area.

Cup Therapy: Cup therapy is a traditional treatment method that provides local blood supply by vacuum method. It is to provide cellular renewal by blooding the desired area and oxygenating it again.

ESWT: Eswt (extracorporeal shock wave therapy) this created pressure is applied to the desired area thanks to a hood. Treatment occurs with high sound wave contact with the body. Lymph edema drainage It is a light, rhythmic, slow and a kind of massage applied to the skin surface to discharge the edema accumulated in the body with hands.

Intra-articular Injections: The solution recommended by the specialist physician to the problematic joint area is the treatment of injecting drugs.

Neural Therapy: Neural therapy is a medical injection therapy that diagnoses and treats local local disorders of the autonomic nervous system.

Kneziological Taping: Taping therapy is a method of treatment using an elastic band to prevent muscle spasms, fix joints, protect joints, reduce pain, strengthen muscles and tendons.