Home Health Services and Video Call at Your Home!

In order to continue our healthcare services uninterruptedly and control your immune system in our country during these difficult days, we said we would come at home and bring our service to your homes.

During these challenging days of struggle, we have implemented a video doctor interview and home health services so that you can protect your health without leaving home. You can make your appointment at our call center at (0212) 322 29 09 or by filling out our form. You can make your payment securely via credit card.

We believe that meeting everyone’s health needs is also very important in terms of public health, and therefore we are working to provide you with the best service.

The reason for video calling and home healthcare services is to continue the treatment of all our patients, especially those with chronic illnesses, with video calls and home health services without leaving their homes.

İlginizi Çekebilecek Ürünlerimiz

You can consult our doctors without leaving home through video interviews, you can have an examination at your home when you need it, and you can have examinations including radiology and benefit from our nurse service.

Our Services

  • Physician Services: Within the scope of home health services, you can consult our physicians without leaving home through video calls. When you need it, you can benefit from services such as examination at home, chronic disease control and health status monitoring.
  • Nurse Services: You can safely benefit from many applications and procedures performed by our nurses without leaving your home.
  • Examination Services: We carry out your examinations and examinations safely without leaving your home with home health service, and we carry out your health checks as well as diagnosing the disease.
  • Rehabilitation Services: You can benefit from services such as physiotherapy and respiratory therapy without leaving your home with home health service.
    • Physiotherapy: Our specialist physiotherapists apply appropriate treatment treatments and many other different treatment methods to improve the quality of life of our patients.
    • Respiratory Therapy: Respiratory rehabilitation is applied in respiratory diseases, COPD, asthma, cystic fibrosis, bronchiectasis (bronchial enlargement) and all other chronic lung diseases.

Strengthen Your Immunity To Prevent Diseases!

Diseases affecting the immune system facilitate viral, bacterial or fungal (fungal) infections, especially in viral diseases without specific treatment, the risk is higher. Recognition of these diseases is possible with specific immune tests.

If you wish, we evaluate your tests with online video calls.

We’ll come back to you at home!


Immune Panel


Low levels of certain types of blood cells may be a sign of acquired and congenital immune system diseases.


Vitamin D deficiency provides information about diseases affecting the immune system and contributes to the immune system with early support when necessary.


CRP, the C-reactive protein, is a value that gives information about widespread infection and inflammation in your body. CRP rate is determined by blood test. In recent years, it has been found to be important in showing the course of cancer.


Vitamins, which have a very important role for human health and are essential for vital functions, are classified in two groups according to their water and oil solubility. B12 is a heat sensitive and water soluble vitamin. It is a vitamin that strengthens the immune system and works in the correct and fast operation of the nervous system.