Hearing voices in a healthy way and being able to communicate properly with people are of great importance in our lives. In the Ear – Nose – Throat section, head and neck diseases, hearing disorders, sinusitis, allergies, salivary gland diseases, vocal cords and esophagus disorders are treated.

Operations in Our Ear – Nose – Throat Department

  • Examination: Ear-nose-throat examination is performed using the classical method.
  • Hearing control is performed with diapason.
  • The plug (earwax) from the ear is removed with a curette, forceps, aspiration or lavage (washing).
  • Foreign bodies are removed from the outer ear canal.
  • External ear canal discharge is cleaned dry with aspiration or cotton.
  • Outer ear canal dressings are made.
  • Nasal bleeding treatment is performed.
  • Foreign body is removed from the nose.
  • Nose dressings are made.
  • Aphthae in the mouth are burned.
  • Tonsil abscess is evacuated.
  • Tonsils are attacked.
  • Foreign matter is removed from the throat.
  • The vocal cords are examined with the respiratory trach.
  • Dizziness maneuvers are made.