Dermatology deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases related to skin, hair, nails and hair, venereal disease, sexually transmitted diseases, oral and tongue diseases. Due to the expertise of the skin, it is aimed to provide natural changes in the aesthetic appearance of the person through Aesthetic and Cosmetic applications. Our primary goal is to slow down the aging process and maintain the current status of individuals with young-looking skin structure. For this purpose, there are no surgical methods, no surgical methods cerrahi Aesthetic and Cosmetic Applications are performed; to make the individual feel better and look younger.

Dermatological Diseases Diagnosed and Treated:

  • Acne (acne) and acne scar treatment,
  • Diagnosis and treatment of hair loss types,
  • Diagnosis (Patch test) and treatment of Atopic Eczema and other Eczema diseases,
  • Diagnosis and treatment of hair diseases,
  • Causes and treatment of hair loss,
  • Diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases,
  • Genital Herpes (Herpes) diagnosis and treatment,
  • Treatment of Rosacea Disease,
  • Determination and treatment of urticaria (Hives) causes by allergy test (Skin Prick test),
  • Diagnosis and treatment of mouth and tongue diseases,
  • Treatment of Hand, Foot and Nail Fungus,
  • Treatment of wart, flesh (skin tag) and calluses with cryotherapy or cautery,
  • Dermoscopic Examination and Follow-up of Moles in the Skin,
  • Punch Biopsy and Excisional Biopsy,
  • Diagnosis and treatment of Psoriasis.