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It is a common condition in all societies in the world. However, it is not seen in some indigenous communities that live isolated tribal life. Increasing blood pressure, which increases in parallel with aging in all other social societies, is a common disease, albeit at different rates.

Women show less blood pressure increase than men until menopause. This rate increases after menopause. The reasons for this include the initial hormonal state in women, then body mass increase, molar scarcity, etc. factors can be counted.

What is Hypertension?

The determination of blood pressure above 140/90 mm hg is called hypertension. This measurement has sub-distinctions, but this is the main measure. A person whose blood pressure exceeds this measure should not be diagnosed with hypertension immediately. In order to make a diagnosis, the measurements should be repeated at different times, a blood pressure holter device should be fitted if necessary, and a diagnosis should be made as a result.

Classification of Blood Pressure in Adults

İlginizi Çekebilecek Ürünlerimiz

Ideal: Great Blood Pressure: … <120

Small Blood Pressure: … <80

Normal: Big Blood Pressure: … <130

Little Blood Pressure: … <85

High: Great Blood Pressure: …> 140

Small Blood Pressure: …> 90

Apart from these, there is also the type of high blood pressure, where small blood pressure is normal. This is called “Systolic Hypertension”.

White Shirt Hypertension

Blood pressure measured in the doctor’s office or hospital is high, and it is normal in the home and other places. This situation is more common in women than in men. Although it is not generally seen as a dangerous situation, its follow-up is useful.